Q: Why choose Botanic Beauty Cosmetics?

A: We are a cosmetic company that strives for environmental sustainability by our use of natural and organic ingredients. We love all our plants and we need them to be as healthy as possible in order for them to be the best ingredients as possible.

Q: Is it really streak and smear free?

A:  Yes, This is due to Botanic Beauty’s unique formulations using only the highest quality natural ingredients. We 100% guarantee it.

Q: Is it really free from any nasty false tan odours?

A:  Yes. Our deluxe scent in our products is formulated with the finest ingredients for a unique and luxurious tanning experience.

Q: What does razor friendly mean?

A: There is No Alcohol in any of our products. This means that all of our range can be used immediately after shaving without any irritation. Most commercial self-tanners have an alcohol content in excess of 12.5%. These should be avoided in order to greatly reduce the chances of irritation.

Q: Is Botanic Beauty cruelty-free?

Yes. Our products, formulations and ingredients are never tested on animals. Our suppliers and manufacturers do not test on animals. We do not allow any third parties to test Botanic Beauty on animals, and we do not sell to any market that requires animal testing by law.

Q: Is Botanic Beauty vegan?

Yes. Our products contain no animal products or animal by-products.

Q: Is Botanic Beauty paraben free?

Yes. Our products are paraben free, as well as free from mineral oil.

Q: Is Botanic Beauty suitable for all skin types?

Yes. Our products are full of the finest natural and organic ingredients that benefit the skin. However, in the case of hypersensitive skin, a patch test is recommended.